Brave Pit Bull Defends Owner From Copperhead Snake Attack

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A Tennessee woman narrowly avoided getting attacked by a snake when her beloved pit bull fought it off. 

Haley McCormack had just come home from work and didn't notice a copperhead snake lurking by her front porch. But her dog, Arlo, spotted it before it could do any damage and sprang into action. 

“He got there before I could go any farther, he grabbed it by the tail, and then just started kind of shaking it,” McCormack told WTVF

Arlo was able to kill the snake but was bitten in the process, McCormack said. She rushed him to the nearest veterinary hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. 

McCormack said she's grateful for her loyal pup. 

"To think how much loyalty and love he had for me, to risk his own life for mine, it's really special,” said McCormack. “It makes me have more respect for him not just as a dog, but as a family member somebody that protects me."

Arlo is expected to recover. 

"We're both lucky to have each other for sure," added McCormack.


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