Hero Teen Distracts Pit Bull Mauling 6-Year-Old Boy, Saving His Life

Little Mason Lindeman's mother is grateful Grant Brown, 19, acted when he did.

Horrifying video shows a pit bull attacking a 6-year-old boy outside his Conroe, Texas, home. 

Little Mason Lindeman was playing outside with friends when the dog escaped from a neighbor's home and attacked, clamping its jaws down on the boy's head. 

Fortunately for Mason, though, 19-year-old Grant Brown saw it all unfold. He distracted the pit bull, getting the dog to chase him instead. Freed, Mason ran inside his house. 

Mother Jillian Lindeman shudders to think what would have happened had Brown not been there.

"He's got a bruise under here still and he's got a small scratch there," Lindeman told Inside Edition, showing Mason's wounds. Mason also received staples in the back of his head. 

"He was just very scared, really shook up," the mom added. "I could see how terrified he was."

Brown reunited with Mason in front of Inside Edition's cameras, presenting him with a stuffed dog. 

"I'm glad you're OK," he told Mason. 

Lindeman said she will be forever grateful to Brown. "To me, he is a hero."

But Brown disagreed. 

"I don't think I'm a hero," he said. "I just did the right thing."

The owner of the dog was cited, while the dog itself was put down.