Rescued Pit Bull Mix Cuddles Her New Guinea Pig Sisters | Inside Edition

Rescued Pit Bull Mix Cuddles Her New Guinea Pig Sisters

Moki is loving her new home - and her new siblings.

A rescue dog in California has found comfort in her new siblings — two guinea pigs.

Moki the 2-year old pit bull mix was rescued from the streets after she and her owner became homeless.

Photos and videos show Moki snuggling with Frida and Pandora, two guinea pigs that also live with her owner, Kristy Gamayo.

When Gamayo, 44, met Moki at the Animal Care and Control in San Francisco during a recent visit, she left a lasting impression.

“She wasn’t barking or growling and she looked so sad,” Gamayo told SWNS. “I decided I had to have her.”

Gamayo said she was anxious about getting a pit bull because of what she'd heard about dog fighting, but the staff at the shelter assured her Moki was sweet and would never hurt anyone.

Still, when Gamayo mentioned she had two guinea pigs, the shelter had their concerns.

"They thought she might kill them and they weren’t going to let me adopt Moki,” she said.

But after a home inspection, Gamayo promised the shelter she would keep the guinea pigs safe and with that, she was able to bring her new dog home.

And it turned out, there was nothing to worry about.

When Moki and the guinea pigs met, they sniffed one another through a cage.

One day, Gamayo decided to take Frida out of the cage and place her on her lap. She was reassured of her guinea pigs’ safety when Moki began to lick Frida.

Because of this positive interaction, Gamayo told SWNS that she continued to take out Frida and Pandora over the course of a couple months so they could get used to Moki.

“Now they’re the best of friends,” Gamayo said. “When Frida and Pandora have their floor time for about half an hour every day, they all love to hang out.”

In videos, Moki sniffs, licks, and cleans her sisters.

Although the videos are extremely cute, Gamayo says she does receive some backlash from social media users, claiming she is a terrible pet mom.

Despite the negativity, Gamayo knows her pets are safe.

“They are such a good team and they’re so cute together,” Gamayo told SWNS.