Bear Charges at Woman Jogging in British Columbia

She stopped to take a selfie, not expecting what happened next.

Sherry Moore of Denver got the scare of her life while running in British Columbia on vacation last month

"I stopped and took the selfie and literally snapped the picture and I see the bear ahead of me on the trail,” she told Inside Edition of her scary encounter.

A bear had appeared on the trail, meandering a bit while Moore stayed calm. She told it to “go on,” but as she kept a safe distance, the bear began to charge at the Colorado woman. 

"All of a sudden it just charged me and the fright I felt in that moment it was the moment of thinking, ‘I'm done, I’m going to be killed by a bear,’” she recalled. 

She says the bear stood up on its hind legs.

"I was just looking in its eyes and it was making these noises, puffing out of its nose, I could feel its breath moving my hair,” she recalled. “It was making crunchy noises with its mouth, I was like, ‘I’m about to be eaten by a bear.’"

She said she started treating it like a dog and yelling at it to get down. It eventually wandered off. 

Moore filmed video of the bear retreating then took off running as fast as she could.

Her FitBit monitor tracked her spiking heart rate as she encountered the bear.

"I ran like I was running a marathon,” she said.