Brutal Assault of Driver in Portland Protests Condemned by Organizers

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A video from Portland, Oregon of a man being kicked in the head is being denounced by Black Lives Matter organizers, who condemned the violence. The incident was caught on video by social media reporter Drew Hernandez.

"His head smacks on the pavement extremely hard. I don't know what his medical condition is but I'm pretty sure he probably cracked his skull," Hernandez told Inside Edition. 

The incident started when a man, identified in published reports as former firefighter Adam Haner, was in a pickup truck with protesters outside, according to the video. He opened the door to help his girlfriend, who was being assaulted. With chaos erupting around him, he speeds off, but doesn’t get far before crashing.

Some protesters believe he was trying to run them over, which Haner denies. He is then dragged from the truck and assaulted. While on the ground, a man comes out of nowhere and kicks him in the head.

"There was no reason to kick him like they kicked him," Hernandez said. 

Haner was treated in the hospital and released. 

Police say they are looking for the alleged assailant, Marquis Lee Love, who was wearing a vest with the world "security" printed on it. 


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