Is BTS' Jimin Facing the Front or Back? Video Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

He turns ... but which way?

It's the mind-bending moment no one can seem to get over — is Jimin facing the front or back?

On Sunday, BTS released a teaser for their single, "Boy With Luv" featuring Halsey.

Ordinarily, this alone would've been enough to send the BTS Army into a frenzy, but a moment near the end of the video really got everyone talking.

The K-pop stars spin around and it's hard to tell which way Jimin, who is standing second from the left, is facing. Does he turn to face the back or to face the front?

In's newsroom, everyone was divided.

"I'm saying forward, but I'm not 100 percent convinced," said Editor in Chief Lydia Warren. "I'm on Team Forward. Team Forward. Kind of. I think."

"Team Front, all the way. I know my dance moves when I see them,” Senior Digital Reporter Leigh Scheps said.

Others looked closely for clues, such as Jimin's feet.

Producer Isaac Leicht added, "It's almost like, immediately he's flipped his back towards us, and look at the back of his shoes. We have a shape-shifter on our hands."

The debate is reminiscent of other viral head-scratchers, such as "The Dress" and Laurel vs. Yanny.

"I feel like you can see his nose here. ... So my vote is for front. And he's definitely saying Laurel," joked reporter Mara Montalbano.

"It's like an optical illusion," added Assistant Video Editor Courtney Richmond.

To this reporter, no question. It looks like he's facing the front.

If you search #frontorback, things get intense. Take solace in knowing that whatever you think, you're probably wrong.