BTS Teams Up With McDonald's to Create Their Own Meal With a South Korean Twist

The collab will span worldwide just like BTS, and will be sold in 50 countries and on six different continents.

BTS fans, hold on to your hats. The K-Pop group is following in the footsteps of Travis Scott and J Balvin and will now have their own meals at McDonald's.

According to K-Pop expert and music journalist Jeff Benjamin, it’s a match made in heaven. “I really do think fast food and pop music go together,” he said. “That follows Travis Scott and J Balvin, two huge names and two very influential names.”

The collab will be sold all over the world in 50 countries and on six different continents.

The group members have not created their own special recipes. Fans will get a ten-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium French fries, and a soda. However, the meal features a nod to BTS roots: It will include Cajun and sweet chili dipping sauces inspired by flavors used in their South Korean restaurants.

To announce the new meal, McDonald's went all out. Jeff explained in detail, saying, “When you looked on Twitter, and the announcement came out on McDonald's social media, they actually updated their name to include a little seven in their name. Which is sort of the secret indicator that you’re part of the BTS army, that little seven. Partly inspired by a recent album ‘Map of the Soul: 7.’”

He added, “And if you even look at the fries logo that came out with the BTS army logo, it has seven fries in it. They did their research.”

As with everything related to BTS, the meal will most likely be a huge success. Jeff points out, “Whatever it might be, kind of whatever BTS puts their touch on definitely has that sort of golden aspect to it.”

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