Bullied High School Sophomore Gets Nose Job Ahead of New School Year

Dr. Michael Niccole of the Magic Mirror Foundation offered to perform the procedure for free.

A high school sophomore who had been dreading the start of the new school year over torment by bullies, but that has all changed. 

Elisa Chaddock of Orange County, California, says the name-calling began several years ago as bullies called her "shark,” "toucan,” “big nose” and “hammer head shark." 

"That's really hard for me because I do have a name and I am a person," Chaddock told Inside Edition. "I try to block it out I try be strong and confident, but it’s really hard. It’s just like, I want to hide or put my head down.”

Her mom, Laurie, said her daughter was “crying and sobbing and it just killed me inside."

They reached out to Dr. Michael Niccole of The Magic Mirror Foundation, and to their delight, he offered to perform cosmetic surgery for free.

“These kids are constantly being teased and you know you want to do something for them,” he said.

She recently underwent a nose augmentation to rid herself of the nicknames she was bullied with. 

The surgery took just over two hours and when it was over, Chaddock was thrilled to see her new nose. 

“I've seen such a dramatic change," her mom said. "She's just a much happier girl." 

Now, the teen can’t wait to start school, saying, “I feel super confident and comfortable in my own skin.”