Burglary Suspect Who Broke Into Home Turns Out to Be Deer

Tense footage captures the officers hunting down the wild suspect.

Police in Lufkin, Texas, arrived to a home to stop what they thought was a burglary in progress Thursday morning but actually turned out to be a deer. 

Dramatic footage captured on the officers' bodycams showed the front window of the house was broken and glass was everywhere. 

“We have the house surrounded!" an officer shouted. "Come on out! Police, we want to see hands!” 

With guns drawn and one cop holding a shield, the officers entered the residence, only to find the suspect on all fours. 

The deer was so scared, it began running around them. The officers used chairs to help lure the animal outside through the front door. 

Neither officers nor the deer were harmed during the incident.

“Can’t make this stuff up folks,” the department said in a statement.