Bus Drivers Help 2 Lost Toddlers Get Home in the Same Morning

Both toddlers were successfully reunited with their families.

Two lost toddlers weren’t passengers on their route, but these bus drivers took it upon themselves to make sure they get home safely.

Cressida Neal, a bus driver in Milwaukee, was working an early morning shift earlier this month when she saw a young boy walking on his own.

Neal got out of her seat and opened the door. 

“Where are you coming from?” Neal could be heard asking in bus surveillance footage. “Oh my goodness, give me a hug, it’s OK.”

The boy had accidentally let himself out of his grandmother’s house and got lost, according to the Milwaukee County Transit System.

Neal called the police, and they were able to successfully bring the boy home.

That same morning, her colleague Cecilia Nation-Gardner saw a different toddler wandering around lost.

The girl was alone, wearing pajamas and carrying her blanket when Nation-Gardner encountered her.

She told Nation-Gardner that she was trying to find her mom, who lives in another state, and the kind bus driver was able to help the girl get back to her relatives, who were searching for her.

But this wasn’t the first time Nation-Gardner made headlines for her heroism.

In May, Nation-Gardner was hailed a hero for saving a young boy who wandered into traffic on his own.

She had been driving when she saw the toddler run into the middle of the street, and even though she honked her horn to alert other drivers, no one seemed to notice.

That’s when she jumped out of the bus and helped him to safety herself.

"I ended up leaving my layover two minutes later than normal," she told the Milwaukee County Transit System at the time. "That’s why I say I was in the right place at the right time. It was meant for me to be there. God does everything for a reason."

The 6-year-old boy has a disability and had wandered away from school, she later discovered.

She called the police immediately after, and was able to reunite the boy and his family.