Bus Rolls Into Weather Channel's Shot of Georgia Dome Implosion, Cameraman Loses His Cool

The Weather Channel wasn't expecting a bus to roll into its shot

The wheels on the bus... came to a complete stop, right in front of The Weather Channel's live broadcast of the Georgia Dome implosion.

This was not what the cable station expected when it planned 40 minutes of footage from the site of Atlanta's highly publicized destruction of the 25-year-old former home of the Georgia State University Panthers and the NFL's Atlanta Falcons.

Just as the first plumes of smoke rose from the stadium, a city bus pulled into the path of the station's live broadcast.

The cameraman was not happy.

"No, bus, get out of the way! Bus! Jesus, get out of the way, bus! Are you ...you ... ARRGHHH. What the f**k!? God d**n it. D**n lady!"

The rest of his meltdown was bleeped out.

When the bus eventually went on its way, all that was left of the Georgia Dome were hugh clouds of brown smoke.

Officials said they used more than 300 pounds of explosives and 4,500 pounds of dynamite to level the 71,000-seat sports arena.

Atlanta's new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, just 80 feet away, was protected by a five-story curtain.