California Cops Save 1-Year-Old's Life After She Chokes on Tortellini

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

They performed life-saving measures.

Two California parents have police officers to thank for saving the life of their 1-year-old daughter.

Kiah Morten, mother to baby Faith, said her daughter was eating tortellini last week when she began to choke and after attempts to help Faith — to no avail — Morten called police. 

When they arrived, Faith was no longer breathing and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies Melvin Castro and Omar Sanchez made a quick decision to rush the child to a nearby hospital.

“The only thing in my mind at first was, 'It’s not good.'" Castro said at a press conference

Officers performed CPR on the mile-and-a-half ride to the hospital and Faith began coughing before they arrived.

“It felt [like] forever, but I want to say it was no more than five minutes,” Sanchez said.

He emphasized that "every second counts for a kid."

Morten said she is forever grateful for the actions of the officers as they saved her daughter’s life.

Faith has since made a full recovery, but her mother initially feared that she might not make it. 

“Without us having to wait for an ambulance, they took her down there and they really saved my daughter’s life and our whole family is grateful,” Morten said.