Police Officers Seen Saving Choking Baby's Life in Pulse-Pounding Video

Would you know what to do if you saw a baby choking?

Newly released body camera video shows two heroic Ohio cops saving a choking baby. 

On Tuesday, Officers Alex Oklander and Ryan Sidders were in the town of Shaker Heights when they jumped into action to save 2-month-old baby Tyra, who was unable to breathe

Sidders turned the infant over and started tapping her back. Then, his partner hit baby Tyra a bit harder to dislodge the obstruction.

The infant’s mom, Tamica Pruitte, looked terrified, but the tactic worked and the baby started breathing again. 

Both officers told Inside Edition it was "a lot of luck" that they happened to be near the scene at the time. 

The method shown by the officers, firm back blows between the shoulder blades with the heel of the hand, is the ideal way to save a choking infant, according to CPR instructor Shane Woodall of Frontline Health in New York.

"Most people are afraid of hitting too hard — they are afraid of hitting the baby," he said. "Make sure you hit really firm to get that object out right away."

Woodall says the Heimlich maneuver would not work on an infant because they are too small and an adult's fist is too big, which may cause harm to the child's internal organs. 

Woodall also says if you are unable to see the object, do not put your fingers down the child's throat as this would push the obstruction further down and make matters worse.