California Family Orders a Bike Online, Winds Up With a Bearded Dragon

Falkor apparently hitched a ride inside their Walmart delivery.

Meet Falkor, a pet bearded dragon this California family never knew they needed.

It all started when the Brummet family of San Jacinto ordered a mountain bike from Walmart, meant to be a gift for their granddaughter.

When it arrived, however, the box also contained a scaly, cold-blooded addition – a bearded dragon.

“At first, it was horrifying,” Chris Brummet told KCBS. "It was really scary. I was like, 'What is that?'"

The family said they have no idea how the giant lizard hitched a ride — but Chris’ husband Al noted the box said "Made in China," and bearded dragons are known to be able to survive for weeks without food.

They reached out to a local animal shelter in hopes that the reptile's owner would come forward, but when no one did, the Brummets decided to adopt the lovable lizard for themselves.

They even built it a top-of-the-line habitat, complete with a climate-controlled enclosure, a hammock and a heat lamp.

Falkor, named after the dragon featured in the 1984 film "The Neverending Story," even dines on special snacks.

"We've got Dubai roaches, which are supposed to be the best,” Chris said. “We've got some of these super wax worms or something like that.”

While they are still not sure where Falkor came from, Chris and Al said they’re happy the unexpected guest ended up in their home.