California Police Chief Devastated After Son Is Arrested in Attack on 71-Year-Old Sikh Man

"My family is shaken to the core," Chief Darryl McAllister said in a statement.

A California police chief is reeling after his son was accused in a violent attack on a 71-year-old Sikh man.

The victim was taking a leisurely stroll in his California neighborhood when he was confronted by two young men and attacked. He tried to walk away, but the teens cut him off and knocked him to the ground, according to the Manteca Police Department. His turban, a symbol of his faith, flew off.

As the victim tried to get up, he was kicked repeatedly, police said. One of the attackers spit on him.

One of the suspected assailants has been identified as 18-year-old Tyrone McAllister, the son of the police chief in Union City, California.

The chief, Darryl McAllister, released a statement on Facebook sharing his horror over the attack.

“Words can barely describe how embarrassed, dejected, and hurt my wife, daughters, and I feel right now. My stomach has been churning from the moment I learned this news. My family is shaken to the core," he said. 

The chief added that he and his wife helped police track down his son and the other teen allegedly involved in the attack after he recognized Tyrone on surveillance footage of the incident.

The victim, Sahib Singh, does not speak English, but his daughter told Inside Edition her father can't stop weeping.

"It’s disgusting, it's disgusting,” she said.

Tyrone has been arrested on charges of attempted robbery, elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon, according to Manteca police. He has not yet entered a plea. A 16-year-old boy was arrested on the same charges as well. He also has not yet entered a plea.