Man Destroys Tennessee Woman's Car, Attacks Her After She Says She Turned Down His Advances

Bailey Cantrell said she told the man no three times before he jumped on the hood of her car and kicked her windshield.

A Tennessee woman said she was attacked and her car was destroyed by a man who became irate after she rejected his advances. 

Bailey Cantrell, of Nashville, said she was sitting in her car in the parking lot of a gas station when the unknown man began hitting on her. 

"This man approached me and was asking for my phone number and, you know, calling me all these names," Cantrell told WTVF-TV

She declined to give him her number, but he wouldn’t walk away. She said she told him no three times.

“After I declined [he] was a little bit mad, the second [time] I declined, the third time and said I'm gay, so I'm just not interested, that’s when it triggered him and that's when he started getting very aggressive." Cantrell said. 

Surveillance video from the gas station captured the man jumping onto the hood of Cantrell’s car and stomping in her windshield.

Cantrell put her car into reverse, but the man followed, continuing to attack her vehicle.

She said she tried to drive away, but couldn’t see where she was driving because of the damage. 

"The only thing I was thinking while that was going on was that he might have a weapon; he might have a knife, he might have a gun, I don’t know," Cantrell said. 

Eventually, she panicked and got out of her car. 

“I only reversed to knock him over, make him fall, but that didn't work so when I got out I was getting out to grab my phone and call 911,” she said. “Also there was glass in my eye from where all that glass had hit us and I felt like I just needed to get out of the car.” 

That’s when the man focused his rage on her.

Surveillance footage showed the suspect rushing toward Cantrell, grabbing her and dragging her away from the car. Cantrell managed to free herself from his grasp and the police were eventually called. 

Cantrell lived minutes away from the gas station, but has chosen to move back into her parents’ home in Hendersonville, where she feels safer.

Nashville Metro Police are reportedly investigating the incident, but no arrests have been made. Cantrell said she hopes he’s caught soon.

“Since he did this and got away with it, he doesn’t have any repercussions," she said. "He’s going to think, ‘Oh, if this girl rejected me, I can just do this to her and it’s going to be totally fine. I didn’t get caught last time.'"