Man Charged With Attacking Woman With Pizza, and Looks Pretty Happy About It

Kenneth Evans, 24, was “obviously intoxicated” when police responded to his home on Tuesday.

Police said they found Kenneth Evans, 24, “obviously intoxicated” and “screaming and belligerent,” but he complied with their orders to sit on the floor once they pointed a stun gun at him.

An Ohio man has been arrested after allegedly attacking his girlfriend with a pizza, police said.

Police responding to a domestic violence call in Masury on Tuesday said they could hear yelling coming from inside a home, but no one answered when they knocked on the door, ABC News reported.

When an officer tried to open the door, a man inside allegedly slammed it shut. One of the officers, however, was able to push it back open after announcing he was with the police.

Once inside, cops said they found Kenneth Evans, 24, "obviously intoxicated" and "screaming and belligerent," but he complied with their orders to sit on the floor once they pointed a stun gun at him.

The alleged victim told police Evans began pushing her head and screamed at her while she was driving him home. He then hit the woman in the face with pizza, she told police.

The woman reportedly suffered an "apparent minor injury."

Evans allegedly also tried fighting a neighbor, threw tires into the road and smashed a mailbox, the police report obtained by ABC said.

Inside, he reportedly flipped a couch and continued to scream and throw other objects.

Evans denied touching the victim and said they had only argued.

"He was highly intoxicated and his mood was rapidly shifting," the report states, according to ABC. "The house was completely trashed, with the [couch] upside down against the wall."

He allegedly continued to act belligerent at the police station, and smiled broadly when his mugshot was taken.

Evans was charged with domestic violence and was booked in Trumbull County Jail Wednesday. He was released the following afternoon.