California Politician Running for Governor Brings Live Bear to News Conference

A politician in Ireland also recently brought an animal to a news conference, which didn't pan out so well.

The race to recall California’s governor is getting interesting, and one politician is doing whatever he can to get votes. Businessman John Cox has been running ads positioning himself as a “beast” compared to the “beauty” that is Governor Gavin Newsom.

To drive that point home, he showed up to a news conference with a live bear. Tag, the Kodiak bear, also serves as a symbolic gesture, considering a bear appears on California’s state flag. No word yet on if Tag is being considered for lieutenant governor. 

Meanwhile, over in Ireland, a furry attendee at another news conference was less-than-well-behaved. President Michael D. Higgins was paying tribute to a departed actor, but his Bernese Mountain dog, Misneach, just wanted to play. He desperately tried to get his human’s attention and gnawed at the president’s hands.

Surprisingly, Higgins didn’t miss a beat in his eulogy, and most of the cameras that day didn’t show what was happening below the microphone. 

But the president’s team posted a video of the playful pooch on TikTok, so the public didn’t miss out on the adorable moment.

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