Why a Man in a Life-Size Teddy Bear Suit Is Walking 400 Miles From Los Angeles to San Francisco

Bearsun, aka Jessie Larios, 33, is walking from LA to SF for charity.

Bearsun hopes to raise $10,000. As of today, his GoFundMe page has already amassed $3,210.

A California man walking from Los Angeles to San Francisco to raise money for charity is doing it a eye-catching way: by wearing a life-size teddy bear suit as he makes the 400-mile journey. 

Bearsun, also known as 33-year-old California native Jessy Larios, started his 400-mile trek on Monday in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo neighborhood and by Thursday had already reached Bakersfield, California, more than 100 miles from where he started. He hopes to finish his journey in a week’s time.

Bearsun is really roughing it and telling fans on his Instagram. “I won’t be staying in hotels, I’ll be camping outdoors the entire time," he wrote on GoFundMe. He said he will donate the money raised on the page to "any selected nonprofit."

This is not Bearsun’s first rodeo. In both 2019 and 2020, he wore his bear suit when he ran the Los Angeles Marathon. 

He told CNN during an interview that “this is what I want to do.” “I just want to run marathons in my bear suit. It makes other people happy, too, and I’m all about laughter and smiles,” he said.

Fans can get updates throughout the day on Bearsun’s Instagram page. 

Bearsun’s followers are following along, sending him messages of love and support and cute teddy bear emojis during his trip.

“You’re almost there,” said one fan.

“I don’t care what you look like … the fact that your doing this … You're awesome,” said another.

“Cuidate. Mucho. I love you.”

Bearsun hopes to raise $10,000. 

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