Steph Curry Pays Tribute to Breonna Taylor and Black Lives Matter Movement at Charity Golf Tournament

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NBA superstar Steph Curry traded the basketball court for golf links, where he sent a powerful message in support of Black Lives Matter and Breonna Taylor.

Curry participated in the American Century Championship at Edgewood Tahoe South golf course over the weekend and donned shoes each day that were custom made with slogans featuring Black Lives Matter and the faces of Black Americans, including one special pair featuring Breonna Taylor.

Steph Curry wears custom Breonna Taylor golf shoes.
Steph Curry wears custom Black Lives Matter golf shoes. Getty Images

Curry's right shoe included an image of Breonna Taylor, while “Say Her Name” was written repeatedly on the left shoe.

Steph Curry wears custom Breonna Taylor golf shoes.
Steph Curry wears custom Breonna Taylor golf shoes. Getty Images

In documentation previously obtained by the Louisville Courier-Journal, police were authorized to carry out a “no-knock” warrant on Taylor’s home on March 13 as part of a narcotics investigation on a home ten miles away. Neither Taylor nor boyfriend, Kenneth Walker were the investigation's target. Police had suspected, though, that their home was used to receive drugs.

Authorities initially said they identified themselves despite the “no-knock” warrant. Police said the officers were “immediately” met by gunfire when they entered Taylor and Walker's home, at which point they returned fire.

Walker called 911 during the ordeal and he was informed him he’d shot an officer. He was initially charged with attempted murder, but his charges were later dropped.

In the wake of Taylor's death, the city has banned "no-knock" warrants.

In June, Officer Brett Hankison was fired from the Louisville Metro Police Department. Officer Myles Cosgrove and John Mattingly have been reassigned. None of the officers have been arrested or charged in Taylor’s death. Each officer has denied all allegations of wrongdoing. Hankison is appealing his termination.


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