California Wildfires: 60 Animals Evacuated as Fire Heads Directly Toward SPCA

The harrowing ordeal was caught on one police officer's body camera.

It was a race to save California’s most vulnerable when authorities rushed to evacuate an animal shelter that was in the path of a wildfire.

All 60 cats, dogs and other shelter pets were removed from the Solano SPCA over the weekend in a suspenseful evacuation, all caught on a Vacaville police officer’s body camera.

“All of the animals are out of the shelter for the night and the shelter wasn't damaged. We are smokey but we are OK,” the Solano SPCA wrote on Facebook.

Volunteers at the SPCA got the call Friday night that their building was directly in the path of the Nelson Fire.

In a race against the clock, shelter workers worked with police officers, who loaded animals into their squad cars, to evacuate their premises.

Luckily, their building wasn’t damaged in the fire, but most of their supplies and pet food were rendered unusable due to the smoke.

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