California Woman and 13-Year-Old Corgi Attacked by 10 Poodles on the Beach

Emma the corgi after surgery

Kathrin Burleson and her 13-year-old dog Emma were met with a pack of snarling poodles during a walk on the beach, leaving the corgi in need of treatment.

An elderly corgi is recovering after she and her owner were allegedly attacked by a pack of 10 poodles while they walked down a California beach, according to a published report.  

Kathrin Burleson was walking with a friend and her corgi, Emma, on Trinidad State Beach on Oct. 29 when a group of standard poodles jumped out of a nearby car and began sprinting towards them, according to the Mad River Union newspaper.

According to the paper, Burleson tried to pick up Emma when she saw the dogs from about 50 feet away. The corgi was scared and ended up wiggling her way out of her harness, and the two were knocked over by the dogs.

“Then they jumped us,” Burleson told the paper. “We were at the bottom of a pack of 10 snarling, biting dogs.”

“I thought Emma and I were going to be killed,” she said.

Burleson told Mad River Union that Emma is 13 years old and is a service animal that works at a local hospital

The woman told the outlet that she tried to shield Emma and fight off the group of dogs. An unidentified woman was eventually able to pull Emma out of the chaos, according to the outlet. 

“She became an angel at that moment,” Burleson said. “It was a miracle. As she lifted Emma up, the dogs were jumping and tearing at her flesh and fur.”

After the dog fight — first reported on the Nextdoor social media website by local resident Ted Pease — was broken up, Emma was rushed to an animal clinic, according to the New York Post.

She was treated for severe wounds and is slowly recovering, according to the outlet. 

“The lacerations and puncture wounds from the poodles’ attack are extensive and deep. Emma is still fighting for her life, and not out of the woods yet. This is a warning to those who see a car crammed with fuzzy poodle faces,” Pease wrote on the Nextdoor, according to the Post.

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