Cameron Boyce's Mom Pens Letter About Continued Fight Against Epilepsy Ahead of His Birthday

Cameron Boyce
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Cameron Boyce, 20, passed away after he had a seizure in his sleep due to epilepsy.

Ahead of her son’s birthday, Cameron Boyce’s mom, Libby Boyce, remembers her son and announces their continued fight against epilepsy through the Cameron Boyce Foundation (TCBF) in a letter she shared with ABC News.

“Because Cameron's birthday is so hard, it is very important for The Cameron Boyce Foundation to make it an annual event to take big steps towards our mission,” Libby wrote. “This concept also aligns with how Cameron lived his life -- as a giver! On his birthday, he preferred to do something charitable.”

This year the family collaborated with actress Sofia Carson and her sister Paulina, who were very close with Cameron, to design a limited-edition jean jacket and some T-shirts in Cameron’s honor. The jacket has an embroidered tree that was drawn by Cameron.

“He used to love to hike up to the Wisdom Tree, which is a well-known tree in Los Angeles, with a fitting name,” Libby wrote. “He would sit there for hours on the edge of the world under that tree. He told me once that the tree roots represent his foundation -- his friends and family, and the parts of the tree above ground were only what could be seen by the human eye.”

The proceeds from the merchandise will support TCBF in making strides in shining a brighter light on epilepsy by funding Epilepsy research, increasing epilepsy awareness and finding ways to fight back and cure this neurological disease.

Cameron died at the age of 20 after having a seizure in his sleep due to epilepsy. The family also hopes to continue to spread awareness about sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP).

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