Can Eating a Burnt Orange Bring Back Your Sense of Smell After Contracting COVID-19?

A viral hack on social media is getting mixed reviews from those who try it.

A recent study found that about 86% of people who have COVID-19 lose some or all of their ability to smell. But can it be reversed with this simple home remedy?

A viral video claims that eating a burnt orange can bring your sense of smell back. On social media, lots of desperate people are giving it a shot and getting mixed reviews.

Inside Edition conducted an experiment with photojournalist Matt Newey, who hasn’t been able to taste or smell for months.

“It can be really depressing sometimes. There’s moments that I’ll go through and just wish, man I really wish I could just enjoy this meal,” Newey said.

Unfortunately, the viral hack did not work for him.

“Bottom line — I don’t see it as therapy. I see it as an interesting way to stimulate and check to see if your smell has come back already,” Dr. James Palmer, an ear, nose and throat specialist, told Inside Edition.