Can This Man Correctly Guess Ice Cream Flavors While Blindfolded?

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This man has sweet ambitions.

David Rush of Boise, Idaho, set out to get his palate into the record books by identifying the most ice cream flavors in a minute while blindfolded.

Rush is no stranger to attempting to break world records: He currently holds 65 Guinness World Records and has set or broken more than 120 overall.

The accomplishments range from taking the most selfies in three minutes to the longest duration of balancing a bicycle on his chin. 

He does it all to promote STEM education and says accomplishments in science, tech, engineering and math take determination and hard work, just like his record-breaking abilities.

As for the ice cream attempt, Rush matched the current record of 11 in a minute but couldn't break it, botching one flavor. 

Watch the video above for more.


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