French's Comes Out With Mustard-Flavored ... Ice Cream?

Adventurous eaters can taste the controversial treat in New York and California.

Here’s a new ice cream flavor that even adventurous eaters might have to think twice about tasting.

French’s has come out with a new mustard ice cream, made of their signature condiment.

The condiment brand, most commonly associated with hot dogs and barbecues, has teamed up with ice cream brand Coolhaus to release the frozen treat described as “sweet-meets-savory” and “All-American,” according to the Coolhaus CEO Natasha Case.

For those daring enough to take a lick, a French’s Mustard ice cream truck will be serving the treats in New York City on Thursday and Friday, and the Hamptons Saturday.

Californians can track down the summer mash-up at the Coolhaus location in Culver City on Friday through Sunday and Aug. 9 to 11.