New York Man Sweetly Proposes to Girlfriend With 'Marry Me Mint' Ice Cream

What better way to pop the question!

A New York man had a little help from Ben and Jerry as he proposed to his girlfriend in the sweetest way possible.

Angelo Orlando, 35, knew his girlfriend, Kelly Becker, 28, loved Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, so he went to one of their stores and asked them to make a mock label for a pint of their ice cream.

“Marry Me Mint” was what was written on the ice cream container when Orlando dropped down on one knee to propose in the freezer section of their local supermarket.

"I really wanted it to be a shock," Orlando said.

And that's exactly what it was for his stunned bride-to-be.

"I was very happy," Becker said. "It was so unexpected. We had talked about it before but I had no idea it was coming."

The family was having a barbecue earlier that day and Orlando gathered everyone to go to the store for ice cream afterward.

"I didn't want to go to the grocery store because it was late at night and we had just been there earlier in the day to pick up snacks," Becker said.

But now, Becker is glad she did.