Unique Proposals: 6 Ways of Popping the Question

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"Will you marry me?" is a simple question, but it turns out there are many creative ways to ask it. 

Alec Horan, 25, took his partner, Steph Gardner, 24, to Oahu, Hawaii, where he popped the question during an acroyoga routine, a combination of yoga with acrobatics. Balancing Gardner on his feet, he pulled out a ring and asked her to be his wife.

Troy Reddington, 25, had time on his side after he buried a jar containing a ring for 24-year-old Jennifer Storrar. She thought she was digging up a time capsule the couple had buried years earlier, but instead she got a proposal. She was thrilled, but they never did manage to find the original time capsule. 

Volunteer firefighter Marshall Griffin's love burned so hot for his girlfriend, Lia, that he pretended to put out a fire in front of her, before unfurling a banner asking her to marry him. She was so overwhelmed she could only nod yes. 

These men aren't the only ones who took proposals to the next level. Check out the video above for more unique ways of getting down on one knee.


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