Can You Tell the Real Elizabeth Warren Apart From Her Doppelganger?

Stephanie Oyen caused mass confusion when she popped up at Elizabeth Warren's rally in Minnesota.

Elizabeth Warren finally met her match, literally, when her doppelganger popped up at a recent Minnesota rally. 

The Democratic presidential candidate’s lookalike caused mass confusion among supporters at Monday’s rally at Macalester College in Saint Paul.

Stephanie Oyen donned a blue shirt and small glasses just like the Massachusetts senator

“[There were] hundreds of people staring at me, shouting, wanting to get my photo,” Oyen told Inside Edition. “Even after I kept saying I’m not her, people still wanted a photo. They said, ‘This is the closest we're gonna get.’”

Oyen, who said she only sees a slight resemblance, later met the senator face to face. 

Warren was blown away by Oyen’s uncanny resemblance.  

“She looked me up and down and pointed at me and said, ‘We have to talk,’” Oyen said.