Crowds Pose with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Doppelgangers in London

Just days ahead of the royal wedding, these look-alikes are fooling some revelers.

The chances of stumbling upon Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in London just days before their wedding are slim to none. 

However, Inside Edition’s cameras found the next-best thing: Meghan and Harry look-alikes walking around London’s Hyde Park and posing for photos with revelers.  

The pair smiled as they appeared to enjoy catching unsuspecting tourists off guard. 

The duo dressed up like Markle and the prince in outfits similar to those the couple wore as they announced their engagement in November. 

While fans of the royal couple may have to settle for the doppelgangers, they will only have to wait two days before catching a glimpse of the real thing Saturday in Windsor. 

On Thursday afternoon, more than 250 members of the royal armed services rehearsed their marching routine in front of Windsor Castle. 

The rehearsals come as Markle officially confirmed that her father will not attend her wedding to focus on his health.