Candy Crook Caught on Video Trying to Steal Giant Gumball Machine From Animal Shelter

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What’s worse than stealing candy from a baby?

A California crook was caught on an animal shelter’s surveillance video struggling to take off with an entire gumball machine.

The Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento released the footage after the break-in last week.

Surveillance first showed the bandit entering the shelter lobby through the doggy door before attempting to push the gumball machine, which stands at least a foot taller than the suspect, through the same entryway.

After many failed attempts, during which time the gumball machine breaks, the thief somehow manages to remove it from the shelter and tosses it over a barbed wire fence.

“Don’t feel too sorry for this candy crook,” Front Street Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook. “He did just steal from a shelter after all.”

The shelter said the gumball machine was installed at the front of their store as a fundraiser.

There was also a donation box filled with cash across the room from the gumball machine that was left untouched by the thief, the shelter said.

Front Street Animal Shelter is now asking anyone who can identify the thief from the surveillance footage to get in contact with the Sacramento Police Department.


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