Cardboard Cutout of Michael B. Jordan Accompanies High School Junior to Prom

Audeva Agyeman, 17, says she's a big fan of the "Black Panther" actor.

This Philadelphia high schooler didn’t quite get her dream date, Michael B. Jordan, to go to prom with her, but came up with the next best thing.

Audeva Agyeman, 17, and a life-size cardboard cutout of her celebrity crush were the center of attention at the St. Hubert Catholic High School prom.

"Teachers were like, 'Your date is a little stiff,'" Agyeman said in an interview with “People were asking him questions like, ‘Oh I loved you in the movie "'Creed,'" and interacting with him, pretending he was real."

Michael B. Jordan himself responded on social media, saying, "This is called commitment."

Agyeman says she has been obsessed with Michael B. Jordan since she first saw him in "The Wire" and continued to follow the actor into his most recent success in "Black Panther."

She said she hadn’t been planning to attend her prom until just three days before the big day, when everyone already had a date or other plans.

“It’s an all-girls school,” Agyeman laughed. "No one wants to go with someone who goes to an all-girls school."

Deciding against going alone and needing to come up with an idea quickly, she decided to make a cardboard cut-out of her favorite actor.

"I printed it out in the school computer lab — I didn’t want to waste my own ink," she said. “I printed it out, pasted it onto cardboard and then took it to prom."

During prom, Agyeman and the cut-out danced, and hung out with her friends. She said there was one moment of panic when she left "Michael B. Jordan" by the punch table, and came back to find it had disappeared.

"I’m searching everywhere, and then I see a friend of mine’s date had it,” she said. “I snatched it from his arms and he was like, 'Oh, my bad.'"

Unfortunately, their romance was short lived. Agyeman said by the end of the festivities, the life-sized cut-out was in bad shape and she ended up throwing her date away.

"We had a good night," she said.