New Orleans Man Pelts Carjacker With Cajun Cuisine, Mounts Car and Rips Him Out of Vehicle

A New Orleans man had a spicey response when a thief tried to carjack his vehicle on Christmas.

A New Orleans man sprang into action after a thief attempted to steal his car while he delivered Gumbo to a neighbor - on Christmas day!

Video shows the carjacker in question pull up in an SUV, jump out of the backseat, and then sneak into the unlocked car while the driver is dropping off his holiday gift. 

Before the thief can get away from the scene though, the car’s owner plants himself in the middle of the street and flings his pot of gumbo at the windshield. 

That causes the car to stop, and in an instant the vehicle's owner is on the roof of the car pulling the carjacker out of the driver's seat through the sunroof. 

The carjacker attempts to resist for a few seconds before joining his accomplices and fleeing the scene. 

Mike Chan, a retired commander for the New Orleans Police Department, suggests that no one try this at home. 

“It’s very, very crazy and it’s something you don’t want to do,” Chan tells Inside Edition. “You have to stop and remind yourself: number one, these people could be armed. And getting in front of the vehicle they could easily roll you over.”

The victim did file a police report in the wake of the crime and spoke about why he rushed into action in a statement to his local NBC affiliate, WDSU.

“I was nearly run over twice and reacted on instinct to protect myself and my property. What would you do in this situation? In hindsight, there were better decisions I could have made, but I am fed up with crime in our city,” said the victim, who did not wish to be identified. “We expect our police and municipal leaders to do what is necessary to protect its citizens.”

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