Cars Entombed in Ice as Baltimore Is Struck With Extreme Temperatures

The incredible sight was the result of a water main break in the area.

A bomb cyclone is getting ready to pound parts of America — and in some areas, the perils of winter have taken a toll. 

In Baltimore, cars were entombed in ice as a result of a water main break in the city.

Greg Postel of The Weather Channel says the approaching storm will be epic. 

“We are likely to see blizzard conditions,” he said, adding that some areas may see a foot of snowfall and possibly wind gusts of over 60 miles per hour. 

“This is one for the record books, I think,” he added. 

It actually snowed in Florida Wednesday morning, leaving about 2/3 of an inch on land. 
Candace Campos, a meteorologist with WKMG-TV in Orlando, told Inside Edition that the cold conditions in The Sunshine State have driven its residents "out of their minds." 

She added: “We haven’t seen measurable snow in Tallahassee in over 30 years. You can imagine, everyone was walking around with their flip-flops, they turned around and were just adding all the layers."

It is currently colder in Florida than it is in Alaska. The city of Anchorage reached 45 degrees Wednesday. 

Cape May, N.J., actually looks like arctic tundra and parts of the Northeast are preparing for a barrage of snow to hit them Thursday.