Casey Anthony Has a New Job and New Tattoo, 10 Years After Daughter Caylee's Disappearance

Anthony was acquitted of murder in 2011, but became a pariah and one of America's most despised women.

Ten years after Caylee Anthony was reported missing, the story is still as intriguing as ever. 

The case launched a saga that ended in one of the most shocking verdicts ever, where the young girl’s mother, Casey Anthony, was acquitted of murder — but she became a pariah and one of America's nation's most despised woman.

Casey Anthony is now 32 and still lives in south Florida. She's got a new tattoo just visible on her shoulder. It appears to cover the infamous "La Bella Vita" ink that she got while partying, just two weeks after Caylee had been reported missing.

"La Bella Vita" is Italian for "the beautiful life."

Lawyer Cheney Mason, who was on Anthony's defense team, spoke to Inside Edition about the case. 

"She has tried to experience some semblance of freedom, but she is never left alone," he said. "When she goes out anywhere at all people will bother her just like frequently they do [to] me."

Casey opened a photography studio in 2016 but that business has folded, Mason said. She's now working as a researcher for a private detective.

"She is very much interested, of course, in investigating criminal cases, which is what he does," Mason said of Anthony's new boss. "She does computer research and book research and things to help him."

Her last interview was with Associated Press reporter Josh Repogle in 2017. In it, she was defiant. 

"I don’t give a s*** what anybody thinks about me," she said. "I don't care about that. I never will. I'm OK with myself. I sleep pretty good at night."

"She put on a show, she cried, she held her daughter’s picture and said, 'This is my daughter who I love so much,'" Repogle told Inside Edition. "I felt like she was telling me what I wanted to hear."

Casey's mother, Cindy Anthony, told Inside Edition in 2011 that she used to keep little Caylee's room the way it was when she disappeared.

Casey no longer has contact with her parents.
If she were alive today, Caylee would be 13 years old.

At one point during last year's AP interview, Repogle asked Anthony what little Caylee would be like. 
"A total badass," she answered. "I would like to think she would be listening to classic rock and playing sports and not taking s*** from anybody."

The judge who presided over the trial has also spoken out, saying Casey Anthony was not found guilty of homicide because a number of jurors believed the state could not prove how little Caylee had died.