Cat Seen Clinging to Roof of Van Speeding Down a Highway

Officials are trying to figure out how the cat got there.

It was a shocking sight for an Omaha family who spotted a cat on another vehicle's roof while driving down a Nebraska highway Friday. 

The cat was clinging for dear life to the roof of a van that reached speeds of about 60 mph.

At first, the Rankin family said they believed the animal was a raccoon. 

They pulled out their cellphones and began recording the frightened feline as it appeared to meow in terror. 

The family says they did the best they could to get the attention of the drivers. Eventually, the van began slowing down. 

The incident was posted on social media, where it has gone viral. Local officials and the Nebraska Humane Society have asked the public for help in trying to identify the people in the van. They are currently attempting to gather information as to how the cat may have ended up on the roof of the car.