Cathedral Moves Its Pews to Make Room for Mini-Golf Course

"You can't have fun in cathedrals then you don't know what fun is," said Rev. Matthew Rushton.

Don’t worry about choosing between Sunday service and an afternoon on the green because this English cathedral has a built-in golf course.

The Rochester Cathedral in Kent pushed aside its chairs to make space for a mini-golf course to show its devout followers that church can and should be fun.

''The Archbishop of Canterbury said recently that if you can't have fun in cathedrals then you don't know what fun is, and he's absolutely right,” Rev. Matthew Rushton told Reuters. “So partly this is about people having fun in the cathedral getting people perhaps who haven't been here before to come into the cathedral.”

He explained it is also partially an educational experience.

The nine-hole course, which is free for visitors, includes models of famous bridges, including the Tower Bridge in London.

Rushton said he hopes young churchgoers can get a chance to learn about their local architecture as well.

“Trying to get families out and doing things together is always going to be a big thing for me,” said visitor Zoe Hill, who came to play a round with her kids. “We are quite sporty family anyway and will always be outside doing things so it's just great see so many people out and about enjoying the local area.”

Not everyone agrees with making religion all fun and games, however. Some locals seemed to disagree with the concept.

Either way, the Rochester Cathedral will continue to host mini-golf enthusiasts until the end of the month.