Dancing Dad Falls to the Floor When Navy Daughter Stuns Him at Church

A Navy daughter stunned her father by showing up at church unannounced.

A Georgia father fell over in shock when his military daughter showed up unannounced at church.

Jerome Mondy was dancing his heart out at Divine Faith Ministries International when his daughter, Jadiah, appeared onstage and joined him. She had been stationed at U.S. Naval base in Japan for the past two years.

Mondy didn't notice at first that the woman at his side was actually his daughter. When he did notice, he fell to the floor as Jadiah beamed, video from T&T Creative Media shows. 

"It was a great surprise," Mondy said. "I grabbed and hugged her. I picked her up. When I did get a chance to talk to her, I said, 'How you got here?'''

Jadiah wasn't due home for another week, but she and her mother and brother plotted to surprise her dad by coming home early. 

She even talked to him by phone, pretending to still be in Japan, when she was really home in Jonesboro.

At church, as her dad danced up a storm, Jadiah, 24, and her 26-year-old brother, Isaac, sidled alongside their father. Video shows the man turning to his right, then doing a double-take as he realizes the woman next to him in military fatigues is his daughter. Then he falls to the floor. 

"I was surprised, actually," said Isaac. "I didn't think he was going to fall for real."