5-Year-Old Boy Dances to Michael Jackson During Chemotherapy

He started doing the moves when he got bored of drawing and puzzles.

A 5-year-old boy hasn’t let his battle with cancer keep his spirits down. 

Solomon Huafano, who has a type of cancer that shows up in the abdomen, even dances through chemotherapy treatments at Seattle Children’s Hospital in Washington State.

“He kind of just forgets about everything that’s going on and just turns into like dance mode,” his mom, Leni Lutui, told InsideEdition.com.

Lutui said Solomon initially would get bored during hospital stays, and so she started showing him Michael Jackson videos on YouTube. He was fascinated. 

His favorite hit to dance to? “Bad.”

In a cute video Lutui shared to social media, Solomon busts out his moves while standing on his hospital bed.

“He just starts copying all his dance moves from, like, the older Michael videos,” Lutui said.

Solomon was diagnosed with Cancer in May after his mom took him to the emergency room because she was concerned that his stomach was solid and hard. 

“It’s a bunch of small little cells of tumors that are located in the abdomen area,” Lutui said of the cancer. 

It hasn’t been an easy road for the pair as Solomon’s dad died of cancer when he was a baby.

“The dancing is basically the one thing that gets him through – gets everyone through,” Lutui said.
Solomon will complete his chemotherapy in January.