Still 'So Fine' at 74: 'Mickey' Singer Toni Basil Showcases Incredible Dance Moves

Bette Midler tweeted video of Basil dancing around.

Toni Basil became a sensation in 1981 with the hit "Mickey," and the singer and dancer has still got the moves at 74.

Basil’s good friend, Bette Midler, recently tweeted video of her dancing to Lady Alma's "It's House Music (Feel It Mix)" and showing off some mesmerizing movements. 

“Toni B is 74! Get up on your feet and put some joy back into your life!!!” Midler said in a caption on the video. 

The video now has more than a million views, with fans tweeting, "I want to be Toni B at 74!"

Basil loves the reaction.

“It’s really thrilling for me," she told Inside Edition. "I think my age next to that video empowers people."

She credits her years as a choreographer and exercise to her youthful appearance and how she can still dance around. 

"Exercise is the fountain of youth," she said. 

After the success of "Mickey," Basil retreated more behind the scenes, doing choreography for The Talking Heads, David Bowie, Tina Turner and Midler