'Baby Shark' Dance Challenge Goes Viral

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The widely known YouTube “Baby Shark” song is making headlines again now that there’s a viral dance challenge to go along with it. 

The #babysharkchallenge recently formed on social media and has some adults hopping out of vehicles, much like the “In My Feelings” Challenge, and dancing to the “Baby Shark” song. 

The tune was produced by Korean kids sing-along YouTube channel, Pinkfong, in 2014. The dance version, which was released in two years later, shows two children dancing to the hit song.

The 2016 clip has been viewed more than 1.6 billion times. 

Now in the aftermath of the "In My Feelings" Challenge, the "Chona" Challenge,” and the “Level Up" Challenge, the dancing craze is continuing with the "Baby Shark" Challenge.

Some are donning full blown shark suits to participate in the challenge, while others are painting themselves blue to mimic the original dance moves. Clearly, people are just having fun with it. 


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