Ciara Surprises Dad Who Performed 'Level Up' Challenge for 1-Year-Old Son Battling Cancer

He said the moment was surreal.

Singer Ciara, creator of the “Level Up" Challenge, has surprised a father who danced to the trend in a now-viral video with his 1-year-old cancer-stricken son.

Kenny Thomas, 34, appeared in a video at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, dancing to Ciara's song "Level Up" as his son Kristian sat in his hospital crib recovering from his first round of chemotherapy. He was diagnosed with leukemia on June 19.

Kristian smiled and clapped as his dad danced the challenge. 

Ciara got wind of the video and reposted it to her Instagram. The Grammy award-winning artist recently surprised the dad and his entire family at Thomas’ dance studio in New Jersey.

"It was amazing. It was a total surprise," Thomas told "My wife and Ciara had a mommy moment, which was cool. They got emotional, but it was tears of joy."

Ciara created the challenge not just for people to showcase their dance moves, but also to promote the idea of bettering oneself and setting future goals.

The singer also gave the father and son 5,000 on behalf of her Why Not You Foundation, according to reports. She even gifted them the headphones she wrote in the “Level Up” music video. She also crowned the dad the winner of the "Level Up" Challenge.

The singer spent two hours with the family. 

"She couldn't put him [Kristian] down," Thomas said. "She wanted to be with him all day and if she could, she would."

Kristian is set to undergo his second round of chemotherapy soon and the family said the visit was definitely a morale booster.