'Level Up Challenge': Ciara's New Dance Becomes the Latest Viral Craze

The "Shiggy Challenge" may now have some competition.

The “Shiggy Challenge," which has taken the internet by storm, may now have some competition as a new dance craze enters the fold.

The "Level Up Challenge," introduced by hip-hop artist Ciara, has come alongside her 2018 comeback track of the same name. It all started as the star invited fans to showcase their moves to the song, and they are doing just that.

“Right away there wasn’t an initial impact," music journalist Jeff Benjamin said. "A lot of people know Ciara as being this incredible dancer, and she’s had so many great dance videos, from "Body Party" to "Work," to "Gimme That," so many great dance moments.

"But this one really seems to be taking off, because within a few days of the song’s release, the song actually rose on iTunes rather than falling off.”

The challenge is reaching people across America. A New Jersey dad who recently found out his 15-month-old son would be going home after a month of chemotherapy and tests, thought it was a cause for celebration — and celebrate he did, with the “Level Up Challenge." 

Kenny Thomas posted a video dancing with his son Kristian to the “Level Up” video, which has gone viral, garnering more than two million views. Ciara even reposted the adorable video. 

"I just want to keep him as calm and happy at all times, to continue the positive energy," Thomas told NJ Advance media. 

Celebrities, like Chris Pratt and Kelly Clarkson, have also gotten in on the challenge.

The challenge is not just about dance moves, as it is partially based on the idea of bettering oneself and setting future goals.

On Monday, Ciara posted a short video with the caption, "#LevelUp Season baby! My three ways I plan to Level Up this year! Tell me your 1-3 ways you plan to Level Up! #MotivationalMonday."

She hopes the challenge will encourage her fans to do the same.