K-Pop Star J-Hope Gets In on the 'Shiggy Challenge' on Social Media

He has one of the most popular videos yet.

A K-pop superstar is one of the latest celebrities to get in on the "Shiggy Challenge."

First it was Will Smith’s elaborate challenge video in Budapest, now it’s J-Hope, a member of the K-pop group BTS, participating in the summer dance craze, also known as the "In My Feelings" dance challenge.

J-Hope, who is the main dancer in the group, is always the one to get up and start grooving, according to music journalist Jeff Benjamin.

“Whether it's on stage, whether it's in an interview ... he'll almost always express himself via dance, first and foremost, before even using words,” Benjamin said. “So it totally makes sense that we see him as one of the first K-pop stars to get there and really do a fun and engaging 'In My Feelings' Challenge.”

Benjamin said that BTS's loyal fans, known as ARMY, are likely to catapult this video into the stratosphere. 

“Automatically fans were loving this little video from J-Hope,” Benjamin said.

In less than 12 hours, the video was nearing 5 million views on the group’s Twitter account.

“To put that in perspective, he already outdid Odell Beckham Jr.'s video. Ciara, who was kind of one of the highest profile celebrities who also did the 'In My Feelings' Challenge, her Instagram video has about 10 million views, and she got that in two weeks,” Benjamin said.