'Shiggy Challenge': How the Viral Dance Craze Presents Serious Danger

Many social media users have posted videos of themselves getting hurt while attempting the challenge.

It’s a new viral trend that people of all ages are trying out — the "Shiggy Dance."

This challenge has people of all ages jumping out of cars while it's moving, and dancing in the street to rapper Drake’s new hit, “In My Feelings.”

Some participants are simply passengers in the vehicles while others are going to the extreme to put their own car in neutral, keep the car rolling on the street and record themselves getting out of their car to dance to the song.

In one video, a man is seen taking on the #InMyFeelingsChallenge while on top of a motorcycle as other videos show contributors actually getting injured while attempting it.

Many people have fallen just while trying to exit the car while it is in motion.

Robert Sinclair of AAA tells Inside Edition this is the last thing we need right now.

"It is a serious distraction,” he said. "You’ve got a driver that’s totally distracted making the video."

Sinclair says it takes just two seconds of distraction to double a driver’s risk of a crash.