#DoTheLiLo: Lindsay Lohan's Free-Spirited Dance Moves Inspire Viral Craze

Busy Philipps admitted the routine wasn't as easy as it looked.

Lindsay Lohan’s got the moves!

The “Mean Girls” star went viral over the weekend for her free-spirited dance routine while filming at the Lohan Beach House in Greece for an MTV show.

After a fan posted her care-free choreography — including a hair flip and a turn — to Instagram, the 32-year-old actress joined in on the fun and reposted the video.

"She at first was just in her tent hanging with her friends, and then she got on stage," Neil Wang, who captured the video on camera, told InsideEdition.com.

Now, fans around the world are joining in with their own interpretation of the routine, with the hashtag, #DoTheLiLo.

Busy Philipps and her friend Kelly Oxford admitted, "It’s weirdly harder to nail than it seemed,” as they recorded themselves jamming out in a kitchen.

Others filmed themselves in living rooms and hotel rooms practicing the routine.

One furry, four-legged fan in particular, Cosmo the Dog, appeared to master the challenge, flawlessly pulling off the hair flip-pivot combination.

Now if only Regina George’s mom were there to cheer them on.