From Catholic School to the Set of 'Married With Children,' a Look Into Meghan Markle's Early Life

Her mother Doria is the only family member who has met her future husband, Prince Harry.

Footage of Meghan Markle as an 11-year-old with pigtails entertaining her nephew has emerged, a glimpse into the early years of the woman now engaged to Prince Harry.  

The Suits actress grew up in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. Her mother, Doria, is black, a descendant of American slaves. Her father, Thomas, is white.

The couple divorced when Markle was 6.

Her mom is the only member of her family who has met Prince Harry. 

Growing up in L.A., Markle attended an all-girls Catholic high school where she was crowned homecoming queen.

Her father worked as a TV lighting director for shows like Married With Children.

“I grew up on the set of Married with Children,” she told Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show in 2013. “Every day after school for 10 years I was there.”

Markle recalled mingling with the quirky cast and its guest stars.

“It's a very perverse place for a girl to grow up,” she said. “I went to Catholic school. I'm there in my school uniform and the guests would be Traci Lords.”

Markle has a half-sister, Suzanne, from her father's first marriage. Suzanne suffers from multiple sclerosis and is wheelchair-bound. 

She also has an older half-brother, Tom Markle. He lives in Oregon, where he works as a window installer.

He told Inside Edition earlier this year that Harry was a “lucky guy,” adding his sister is “110 percent one of a kind."

He added: "You could not ask for a better woman.”