Cell Phone Explodes in Man's Pocket in the Middle of a Restaurant

It is unclear why or how the phone exploded.

This source of an explosion in an India restaurant wasn't a bomb or explosive — it was a cell phone a diner had in his pocket.

Sunil Kate, 41, was having lunch with colleagues at a restaurant in Bhandup, Mumbai, when his shirt suddenly started smoking.

Nearby diners quickly fled, as Kate could be seen grabbing his phone from his pocket and tossing it across the restaurant, and then waving his shirt in hopes of getting rid of the smoke.

The panicked scene was captured by the restaurant’s surveillance and acquired by SWNS.

While Kate escaped uninjured, photos after the fact showed a piece of the phone burned and melted.

Kate shirt also had a hole burned on the side that had been covering the phone.

It is unclear why or how the phone exploded.