Centenarian Couple Shares Tender Moment During 80th Wedding Anniversary: 'Honey, That's a Long Time'

Arthur Jacobs, 105, professed his love to his wife, Marcia, 100, during a gathering at their Rye, N.Y., home.

After eight decades of marriage, their love only grows.

Arthur Jacobs, 105, professed his love to his wife, Marcia, 100, in their Rye, N.Y., home to celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary.

“I’ve loved you for 80 years, honey — that’s a lot of time,” Arthur tells Marcia in a video shot by their grandson, Gabe Jacobs, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker. “You were very funny when we fell in love and got married.”

Marcia has dementia, and despite only being able to respond, “Hello, hello,” their eldest son John Jacobs, 73, told InsideEdition.com it’s clear she returns the same tenderness toward him.

“They’re a very affectionate couple – with each other, and with their children,” Jacobs said. “They would occasionally fight like every couple does but as they grew older they really appreciated each other more and more and were very devoted to each other and still are.”

Arthur, who is now hard of hearing, met Marcia before WWII when they were both studying at the University of Wisconsin and dedicated their life working with and giving back to the Jewish community.

The couple has two sons, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

“They were wonderful parents,” Jacobs said. “Wonderful, supportive, thoughtful parents.”

Jacobs said the family believed they are the oldest living, once married couple in the world, but do not have their birth or wedding certificates to prove it.