Chaos Ensues as Nutella Goes on Sale at French Supermarkets

Some stores had to call the police.

Let them eat cake — with Nutella on top.

Chaos has erupted in French supermarkets as shoppers were determined to purchase armfuls of Nutella at a time.

The beloved hazelnut spread went on sale countrywide at a local supermarket chain, Intermarche. The 33.5 ounce jar was discounted by 70 percent, dropping its price from more than $5 to about $1.75.

A video shot in a Toulon supermarket showed hordes of shoppers pushing their way into a crate of Nutella, leaving with entire baskets filled with jars.

Some stores saw crowds of hundreds waiting outside in the early morning before the supermarket opened for the day.

Others reportedly called the police.

The supermarket has since apologized for offering the heavy discount.